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Why Study at BCPSAC

Various reasons, a students should choose Bangabandhu Cantonment Public School and College.

1.      We offer our students  the guidance of highly qualified teachers who besides providing classroom education continually monitor their progress,  help them in solving problems, counsel in personal issues, inspire them  in overcoming obstacles and assist them in multilateral ways which foster a harmonious relation between teachers and students.

2.      We provide quality & modern education with world class infrastructure, beautiful location and clean environment.

3.      We ensure execution of expected curriculum, attracting highly qualified and well trained teachers and result based adoption of modern facilities.

4.      We ensure wide spread practice of cocurriculum activities to inspire students implementing their creativity and imagination.

5.      We have well secured campus inside the cantonment  and round the clock security system with CCTV cameras 

6.      We closely maintain and supervise the grooming up of every student with great care.

7.      We put importance on ethical, morality, customs, etiquettes and courtesy development of students as an ideal citizen of the country.

8.      We prepare our students to become expert in social, academic, physical and mental aspect.