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  • Vice Principal: 01712-434294, School Co-ordinator: 01718-885860, College Co-ordinator: 01551-815684


Bangabandhu Cantonment Public School and College is located at 98 Composite Brigade, 
Bangabandhu Cantonment area, in a diverse and picturesque environment surrounded by 
lush greenery. The institution is managed under the direct supervision of Bangladesh Army. 
Realizing the importance of learning English in the current globalized era, special emphasis
 is given on the education of English language. This institution is running as an ideal 
institution  according to rules of all cantonment public schools and colleges of  bangladesh 
army in bangladesh. Bangabandhu Cantonment Public School and College has a total of 19 
classrooms. Out of it 5 classrooms are used for college section. The remaining 14 classrooms 
are used for schools. Each classroom is very nicely decorated. Each classroom has a door, 
four windows, four ceiling fans, a large white board and beautiful scenes painted on the 
walls. There is a well decorated Sheikh Russel digital lab . There are 17 highly qualified 
laptops & some desktops .There is a science lab with all facilities & one auditorium 
roomwhich is used for class nine. There are enough washrooms & toilets for both male, 
female students & teachers.There are also a well decorated office room & a large principal’s 
room.Besides, there is a large store rooms in our institution. All classrooms are covered by 
CCTV cameras. The children's classrooms are very nicely walled. Large classrooms have
 multimedia projectors. Multimedia classes are always taken there. Our classrooms are 
designed in such a modern way to use technology in teaching and to make learning 
easier and more lively for the little ones.